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  • Somsubhra Banerjee

    Somsubhra Banerjee

    Loves mountains, sea waves, old buildings, petrichor, sound of night crickets, haiku, kintsukuroi , books, dogs, silences and also cacophonies!:)

  • Madb Tighe

    Madb Tighe

    Madb is a radical Quaker economist working to end violence against children, in all forms.

  • Danna Sigal

    Danna Sigal

  • Milaperetz


    Pro life, Pro Israel, Animal Lover. I love poetry and music and anything that empowers women and youth

  • Laura Cincera

    Laura Cincera

    Cultivating flourishing futures. Tech for social change @Google / Mindful leadership @searchinsideyou. I share experiments/practices here → bit.ly/intrigued_

  • Sultan Saiful

    Sultan Saiful

    Lecturer, Trader and Traveller

  • MaggieLaFae


    I’m in favor of freedom of speech, religion and sexuality. I’m a senior citizen and grandmother. I write about living a life of joy.

  • Massimo Daniele Iafisco

    Massimo Daniele Iafisco

    Ab uno disce omnis

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